Bearded Bangalore.

Designer beard, mostly black is the in-thing in Bangalore. If it’s looking like Virat Kohli’s, it’s all the more better.

It’s getting viral! It was actually reaching a stage (earlier) when such beard was associated with religion. We have in fact seen some politicizing of the beard.

In that respect, it’s a welcome sign. Having said that I have to admit that beard brings up a bit of aggressive look even on a puny slugging fellow. Then we should not forget that Virat Kohli is an aggressive captain. 

I have a slight temptation to look on the mirror sporting a beard. But the Amygdala got into action and released the early warning saying, ‘remember, what’s your strategy on the whiteness of it?’

I took off my dear mustache when white strands appeared. Then, am I to risk another whitening stupidity? 

There are other issues. How will the opposite sex take it. Before answering curiosity, let me remind that I am clean shaven and I can’t have any experience to lean back on. Well if anyone wants to know about chest hair, that’s a different ballgame and please don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance.

Don’t worry, the tag of ‘in-thing’ will make your gal to forget and forgive the inconveniences. Make sure you know that grooming, and I am not talking only of lice.

What about white beard then? But who’s having it white anyway? When Dhoni  tried, and didn’t bother about white and see what happened? Kohli’s is black and think about that only.

That’s when the news about the Bigen product showing double rate growth to the hair color products. Interestingly it’s the Japanese company who researched the market and brought out a black color product for beard coloring for the Indian market. Remember Japan do not play cricket.

Anyway, I will introduce me every time I meet you, if and when I adopt the in-thing so that you can recognize me. Before doing that I will have the Bigen sachets ready.

Like Henry Ford’s saying; you can have a beard provided it’s BLACK.

Bearded Bangalore.

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