Am I Losing It? 

I have been observing something different among my fellow countrymen, while on the travel from Kuwait to Bangalore. There’s a display of clear intolerance and arrogance in the body language.. 

This was evident in the business lounge. There’s a clear showing off, trying to make it visible to others that they are frequent visitors to the place. With the result they are on your face, no matter how you try to avoid.

Unfortunately there’s an amount of uncouthness in every such display. That’s not a consolation as it would affect our image altogether.

One of them, with a packed guitar of the size fit for his grandson was showing his irritation when security asked him to remove his shoes which made the metal alert almost breaking. Clearly his cobbler nailed it all over in the last repair. By the way he wanted to look arty, but no no..

The intolerance… perhaps it’s the result of the overuse of the term, that people are unconsciously getting succumbed to it. 

This part of the problem is not only in the lounge, it’s everywhere. You open any site or news, intolerance is clearly displayed to the extent that it may have already become a mental disorder.

Recently the top court in India dismissed the head of the biggest sports body. Perhaps the head was arrogant and intolerant. 

But I was startled to see in social media, derogatory comments on a possible interim head. To my best of knowledge the person commenting has no knowledge of the person other than his name. I am sad that it is perhaps the name that evoked the hatred and intolerance.

On the whole there is a bad taste.

My biggest worry however is that there’s a possibility that I could be the one who’s different. A recent incident must have made me change from the nice guy to one (O my God) intolerant.

If so I must arrest it.

I should not be losing it. 

When I really want something, the entire universe will conspire to get it for me.

Stay with me……

Am I Losing It? 

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