Chasing Dreams……

Everybody is talking about chasing dreams. And for a dreamer like me, it has such a profound significance.

I knew I have been a dreamer. I cherished my ability to day dream. I could get into the shoes of anyone and become that person, the moment I get that solitude to dream without interruption.

And then I met my coach and in several conversations, I got to know that the dreams can bring you happiness. That means you can have real dreams and chase them.

The ability to dream and become some hero won’t give you the incentive to chase the dreams. One should have real dreams and the determination to chase them. 

The coach has been the inspiration and in several conversations, I picked up some life sciences. And of course there’s the introduction to many tools to make things including the dreams to happen.

I have been the most devoted student and now I am a real dreamer. I learned to be positive. I have been an optimist, but being positive is different from being an optimist. This probably you need someone like my coach to explain to understand that subtle difference.

Then the ‘secret’, a game changer.

I was carrying the old saying of ‘healthy, wealthy and wise, till the coach introduced happiness into it. And then the master stroke; ‘it’s okay to be selfish to be happy’.

The day dreamer is now a most devoted true dreamer. The list of dreams suddenly started growing. From normal items to passion, love, togetherness, bucket list and inheritance.

Stone became a key tool, knowing all the secrets and the communication device to reflect the predominant want so that the ‘universe conspires to give the really really strong needs’.

Then there’s the corresponding stone. Here comes the King of Salem and the two stones he gave the traveling shepherd boy who is chasing the dreams of finding the treasure and marrying the merchant’s daughter who he met the previous year.

Interesting developments indeed. And the sum total could be a readable book instead of the one I would pay to publish without any genuine readers.

The most valuable ingredients in a book are love, passion, life experiences of secrets involving many. Add Aphrodite, her stone etc into it and there’s a story.

There could be a good story and the book and it’s a dream. The significant difference is that the dreams are real ones for chasing them. So everyone is invited though one is chosen……

I will need the coach, Aphrodite for the mythical and heavenly touch, stone (stones) for assurance and verification. 

And while chasing the dreams and scribbling them into the book, all identities wherever sensitive will be carefully concealed. This is a promise.

This is important since dreams don’t end with the book. They’re alive and eternal……

And will be chasing them in spite of the setbacks……

Chasing Dreams……

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