The new word is interestingly true and dangerous. We can see people gathering together but busy on phones than talking to each other. 

I am also a victim of phubbing. But a recent misunderstanding and resultant blocking, probably made me to talk to people rather than phubbing.

The result is highly encouraging. A friend traveling all the way across the traffic afflicted Bangalore to see me. And few others showed tremendous enthusiasm to speak to me.

But I miss the exclusive phubbing sessions where intimacy is enhanced, knowledge exchanged, wisdom absorbed with enthusiasm and love knew no bounds.

What if some sessions have over 100 messages!! By the way you get to know the number of messages when you have the practice of deleting them.

If direct conversation is the desired option, let’s do that. Let’s reduce phubbing then. 

At any rate, keeping in touch is important and life saving in many respects. Let’s keep all opinions open and let people find the best way to communicate and keep in touch. Don’t keep anything closed or blocked.

In my case I will pay more attention to speaking directly, supplemented with essential phubbing. 

Perhaps phubbing is less disturbing. But you can express better in direct conversation.

Again, most important is to be in touch. We all need the support system. Don’t allow any relationship to slip away.

Sometimes there are people responsible for getting good relationship to become bad. One should have the magnanimity in ignoring hecklers and carry them along. But it’s easy said than done.

And you observe such hecklers and lose your cool and to a certain extent mental peace. I am not immune and I see one of the hecklers falling flat on the face for publishing a stupid thing. Now that person is absent from the scene.

That’s a lesson. When you write, you can’t take it back. And when you publish… oh no, the experience of the heckler is quite scary.

So speak and make stupid statements like ‘I love you’. Then you have the option. You can duck if the response is a slap or thank your stars if blushed.

The bad side effect of wrong phubbing is negative reaction. Getting blocked is a physical blow. In addition to feeling sad, you start imagining things.

For example when you’re a validation whore on social media, you like to see your friends liking something you post for validation. Then you observe that people close to the people who block you deliberately not liking your item. This in spite of the extra ordinary efforts in helping them. And if you keep entertaining such thoughts, you will lose your valuable asset of maturity.

But if the friend of the friend who deliberately didn’t mark like to your post suddenly becoming absent from your social circle, your mental feeling will qualify yourself to be called petty.

Well that’s life……

Anybody interested in an interesting video introducing phubbing, let me know……


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