Back to Basics……

An unexpected event has put a stop to a carefully crafted plan of staying back in kuwait for a longer time than May 2017 when my current assignment ends.

The plan included one bank where I could establish positive connection with the three decision makers and where I would be in a position to protect friends from any displacement threats. 

Two other options are also in the pipeline for exploration. However the current mood is to put an end to these additional innings and get back to roots.

Interestingly I have not raised any expectations, thanks to my dependence on the coach and listening to her advice.

Then, the ultra high density Mango planting is on cards and I should start enrolling partners who will have positive benefits.

That’s probably not back to basics. UHDP is modern technology and disruptive method in farming style.

Virgin coconut oil plan is basics. The only way to ensure purity and quality is to produce on your own. Thus the plan to have coconut trees across the perimeter of the farm and installation of a small virgin coconut oil production unit using cold press method.

Also, almost all bought food are suspect. As such get to the basics of preparing your own stuff using natural ingredients.

Again grow your own fruits and vegetables ensuring purity.

I have put on hold the sharing of some of the exotic food preparation and wellness items through a broadcast whatsapp group. And I must resume this to a shorter list who may be interested.

Keeping things to basics……

Back to Basics……

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