Becoming a Writer……

Writing a book is not a small thing and I am entering a field where angels fear to tread..with the inclusion of writing a book in the bucket list.

A friend of mine became a writer with the first book published. The offer which was handy was an online version which the friend recommended for me. But I thought I should get a print version of the book by my friend. 

This happened at a time I am looking at events and people differently after an unexpected setback in some plans. With this myopic eye I observed that the author has been ignoring my activities which was not the case earlier.

However I managed to get the printed book and send whatsapp selfie with the book and me.

Then I sat down to read. The book has a lot of high profile words which needs a dictionary to decipher. I could not progress to pages and I know the author is looking for a review.

That brings me to Arundathi Roy and her God of Small Things. Her first book won Man Booker and is a pleasure to read. Anything after that have question marks.

The first book is perhaps life story of someone close to the author. This is a lesson. If I write life experiences in simple readable way, someone would read.

There’s the story now. The climax should be the end or…… happily ever after……

Becoming a Writer……

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