Reading Again…… When in Doubt……

Most wisdom other than what you’re born with are implanted through great books. Then came ‘the Secret’ consolidating the greatness of Great minds.

Then you start experiencing the soul of the universe. And find the signs. 

Dreams contain all of these. But everyone has dreams and all are good at explaining dreams. That can’t be. So then, being a dreamer alone and pretending to know the dreams are not good enough.

You need help. 

‘Secret’ is great help. But when you get confused by the revelations, particularly when your coach is posing the question mark, then you need something more specific.

That’s the Alchemist!! 

And yes there it’s on page 95. The concept of love distinct from possession. This is a sign. The omen. 

So there’s nothing wrong done. It’s written……

Then there’s the unwritten which everyone knows. Nobody forgets the first love. That’s first true love.

It can be in the teens, young, middle or later part of life. True one is forever. 

Then it’s distinct from possession…… ownership……

It’s written……

Reading Again…… When in Doubt……

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