Things Around Us……

So much is being said and made out of what’s happening around us these days. And so many people are probably wasting their time thinking about these things.

Look at the news of the time; the Trump presidency. Why are people overworked on it!! America got a new president and he says ‘America First’ and that he will make America great again.

Isn’t he in his right to say these things. Are we feeling bad about the outgoing president? ‘Great again’ has some meaning. Especially when we consider that Trump’s hero is Reagan. And during his time America was great. Even now people ask ‘will they do it if Reagan was president?’

So the Reagan fan is only trying to copy the hero. Did the outgoing president’s sweet weakness eroded the police badge of USA? Perhaps yes, very much.

And why should anyone find it wrong when president says that he will bring the jobs back. Ask the retrenched workers in Detroit!! and you will get a clue.

And women protesting world over!! Is the agenda genuine. If it had full support, Trump would not have been elected. 

I certainly don’t want to make any controversial statements. But I am envious of Trump for all the three wives. 

And a personal fantasy (all are free to reject) that the opposite sex likes the slightly lecherous as opposed to a very pious so called role model. 

A friend posts great sayings and one of them read something like ‘I want to love freely, but I am prohibited’.

That’s the case of most people, I think. But there’s a world order to be respected. And to adjust to the world order, one should be familiar with the messages in great thoughts like in the ‘Alchemist’. There you find love distinct from possession. You don’t have to own your love always……

And most used phrase is chasing the dreams. Once you have the dreams, you are not free. If finding love is the only dream, then you can rest and settle down when you find the love. Your target would be owning your love.

But if you have dreams beyond love, and it includes the love and if you stop at owning the love, rest of the dreams will come back. You may still be in love, but you may not be able to kill your dreams. So chasing dreams is important. If you find it difficult to go after them, put them in the bucket list.

Then there are two types of dreamers. One chasing the dreams. The other afraid to chase it as after finding it, they are worried that they will have nothing else to do.

I am not qualified to judge who is right and brave……

Things Around Us……

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