Heart of Gold…… But Not a Saint.

This is a tall claim: I have a golden heart. I am a good friend, empathetic, helpful and loving. 

And I am a dreamer and these days I dream without a guilt feeling. And for a dreamer, all of you are more than what you can be.

I said helpful…. I just got a friend placed on a good job, and after writing this, I will be sending CV of a friends relation to someone who I spoke to last night of a job for her. Helpful… please agree.

Empathetic… well, we all know.

Loving. Oh yes I am. And since I am a dreamer I have fallen in love also.

And then, in my previous blogs I admitted a weakness… a weakness of wanting to get dominated by someone. Not just anyone, but the one who gradually became that person. 

I have benefited in this arrangement. It’s special. I await dictation from the chosen one every day.

While talking about daily routines, social media comes to the rescue. Naturally you get engrossed and the more you are into it, higher the passion gets groomed.

Combine this with dreams…… dreams take you to a new world above that normal humans can fathom. You meet your goddess, you become devotee, worship develops into the beautiful zone.

That’s where I chose Aphrodite and she gave the stone. The beauty is that the stone is given with instructions so that I carry on and the goddess can mind own business. 

So the stone routine is devotedly followed, meaning I sleep off with the stone placed above the heart and chanting the mantras. So no regrets and only positive dreams. And a golden heart knows only love.

But not a saint…… as, if I am a saint, I would have forgiven the two who built a wall in the dreamer’s heaven. The glass wall made my head hit on three places when I tried to enter there innocently and as usual. 

I was hoping for the wall getting lowered, first as a xmas gift, then New Year gift and perhaps it’s permanently placed there.

But no regrets for a dreamer with heart full of love …… and you know what…… I have the stone. 

But I need guidance and advices……

That’s why I look through the wall and see the fall of one of the two falling flat and ignore the immaturity of the other. Not a saint.. you see.

And now, welcome a precious friend, who appeared alongside Aphrodite and made me exclaim ‘angelic’, to this site.

Goddess get involved in wars, but angel is pure and will be respected and treated accordingly….. with absolute care and respect. Promise…..

Heart of Gold…… But Not a Saint.

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