Moving Forward…… Without Losing Anything..

The one action which I call a great gift has not happened. I had assigned three milestones for it to happen……

One as a Xmas gift, failing which a New Years gift and the last one as a show of kindness after the holidays. But it’s not to be……

In the meantime I had a post titled ‘heart of gold.. not a saint’. And that’s it…… I have a heart of gold but I am not a saint. So I will be selfish to move on and I am not prepared to lose any of what I have gained. And I may be tormentor to the two who I believe disturbed the stay in paradise.

So the story continues (katha thudarunnu) and all characters are intact. All plans are intact.. well this is easy as I have not planned any evil. In fact I have the welfare of those in my path as focus. And not a saint, so with the exception of the two.

For example, when I planned a shared mango cultivation in Bangalore farm, I had the one who is looking for property in Bangalore in mind as inheritor for part of the land. I hope this can be done still without major rejig. I have also plans for the other portions including another who is taking keen interest.

So the decision is to go ahead in spite of the huge setback in social media access……

Coming back to story, the interaction with goddess brought guardian angel into focus. Guardian angel is equivalent to bodyguard and the movies with the name have bodyguards in love with the protected. So it’s written, nothing unusual.

Along the way, while being bodyguard of goddess, comes the face to face introduction with the real angel. The angelic one is so special and nice and I should not do any of the mistakes that I did when assuming the guardian angel role to goddess.

So while the goddess goes about ignoring the bodyguard, the guardian angel will ensure that the real angel is not disturbed in any way.


Moving Forward…… Without Losing Anything..

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