How to be Better……

It’s written “when we love, we always strive to be better than we are!’.

And we want everyone to be better. As such there’s nothing wrong in searching and finding true love and when you find it, stay on.

It’s not difficult as it is also written that love is distinct from possession. That’s you don’t have to always own your love.

Those of us who find the love, soulmate, dreams everything in the love that you own, well there is when you are lucky.

Or are you? Does your dreams end with the love you find and own. No, most likely not. It’s possible that one takes stock of everything and decides to end the chase of dreams there. Do it if you can, but perhaps you have to think about the other person also. Will there be dreams that your love is chasing? I am not saying only about love, dreams are much more and can be different. Don’t read me wrong.

One of the reasons that I find practically no views on my posts maybe this unpleasant but true statement of mine. I must have alienated my friends and even the love that I found through these utterances and actions towards them.

Well I am trying to find an answer why I lost followers and blocked by the love!!! 

This may be true, but I must carry on as I don’t feel any remorse and I believe that the universe will give me what I want.

Then the realization that though I may have a heart of gold, i am not a saint. There comes my intuition that the reason for getting shut out is not what is told, but due to the act of two participants to the blog company. One I suspect have been forwarding the posts to unintended persons with own interpretations. By the way this suspect posted something stupid on social media and has no face to show up. Didn’t i say that I am not a saint.

The second one is totally immature and occasionally surface and acts. Perhaps I will ignore because such people have the ability to roast in their own stew.

So you see there’s anger. And I want to put a stop to it and start the real writing. There’s disappointment for the expected gift not to arrive even now. I must live with it and get used to it for the show to carry on. As of now there’s no change to my dreams. And I have the stone while chasing it.

And I must get some viewers to read my posts. All are welcome.. oh no, correction… humbly request..

At the end of the day we all want to be better than we are.. read para 1.

How to be Better……

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