Start of a New Phase……

Now that the arrival of what I consider a’gift, is in doubt and the project 2 in jeopardy; I may as well look for a new phase.

The earlier phase has been lovely, and I learned a lot and without elaborating I will carry three main things forward…

1. Stone 

2. The dreams and Aphrodite 

3. To be even selfish to be happy 

Among behavioral changes, one highlight is that ‘nice guys finish last’. So the assertion ‘with a heart of gold, but not a saint’.

Last evening I streamed and projected the video on ultra high density Mango plantation. And got Sunu to watch along and now she’s fully in favor. So get ready to start on the initiative in the farmland in Bangalore.

And in the weekend, I got a call from my brother in Kerala saying that the water in the river along my land is full and I have to raise the boundary wall by about 3 feet to prevent water entering the land during rains. This is a pleasant surprise as we have the worst drought with two seasonal rains failing and people facing water scarcity. A newly constructed check dam on the river has done the trick.
So the plan is to raise the wall and simultaneously level the land and prepare for planting. Now I have to look for technology for ultra high density rambootan planting.

Also dig a natural water tank in the land possibly with a water circulation system for swimming and also for some fish.

Part of chasing dreams……

Some good learning like ‘when in love, you work to be better’, possession is distinct from love, dreams can go beyond love etc.

See ‘love’ is a common factor, all good things are done with love, you and your activities are striving to be better when love is prevalent 

As such love is always carried forward…… in all phases……

Start of a New Phase……

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