Follow the Heart…… And Take the Mind with it.

Written on the coffee mug of a colleague when she was sipping the coffee during a meeting. Probably I have some answers to my current dilemma and Trishanku like situation.

Not exactly in the words in that order, which are quite noble but in the words itself. Like Trishanku in his heaven, suspended upside down, I am also in such a state of confusion, not knowing what to do.

Putting the coffee mug upside down, I may be able to simulate my state of affairs now. That’s; carry the heart along when your mind is busy working on a way forward.

To my mind a much desired reconnect is not in the agenda, and I will have to move forward without that gift. This is in spite of the assurance of good behavior. But why should anyone trust.. once bitten..

But there’s a difference… for one it’s not anyone …… and the second, it’s not bad behavior but the expression from within. However good behavior is a promise.

Now the mind is working overtime to move along as the show must go on. But it’s not able to move as the heart is not budging an inch.

Now you see the significance of the coffee mug. It’s an omen, a clear sign. Take both along. You can’t leave one behind and in my case the heart is to come along.

Why would I ignore those who touched my life. Especially the one who touched it beautifully. I have been benefited immensely during the close association. 

And that’s the problem..

There are so many things to be taken into account if I am to move on with the new Phase.

How will I not benefit from the guidance of my coach?

How will I not receive the wisdom that I have been enjoying?

How will I not check on each and every one of my actions?

How will I substitute the great moments of light hearted sharing of all the small things?

How will I know if an agreement of support for acquiring something is still valid. This one requires secrecy and indications are not to have any secrecy. Can this deal be an exception as I will not be in a position to move the requirement unless there’s confidentiality. How will I know this? And it’s time to take action.

Will there be participation in Mango project? Inheritance plans depend on it 

The coffee mug omen is timely. I will keep the options open. And I have no complaints or hard feelings. But not a saint to forgive two who might have triggered the action.

There’s one thing which is quite clear… I have the stone. And I believe the stone has worked it’s part. The promised level is achieved. And to speak about the omen, the stone was destined to be picked up from the goddesses own rock, directed by goddess herself.

So the stone and Aphrodite are inherent part of the journey. 

The journey of the dreamer…… following the heart and taking the mind with it ❤ 💭

Follow the Heart…… And Take the Mind with it.

2 thoughts on “Follow the Heart…… And Take the Mind with it.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I realize that you have so many things in your life ,you want to accomplish. may or may not possible. So take the most important and favorite activity and focus on it . In this one life ,we can accomplish only that much.

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