Generally Speaking……

I really don’t know what i want to write about today. For the past several months, almost all my posts had a central subject. But it has been given the worst blow and I should be running away absorbing the humiliation. 

But that’s not to be. I find no remorse, no bad feeling to tell, no regrets. Even then the logical thing to do is to pack and run, after all these waiting for a reprieve. 

So today it’s an attempt to move on. As such the subject is general. That’s generally speaking..

Get the work that I am doing, done, and run. Perhaps I may not take up a regular employment any more. If I do, I may not succeed in chasing my dream of growing fruits and vegetables.

But I must keep myself busy, active in all respects, physically, mentally and…

I must look for some freelance consulting of reviewing card business in target markets. Two to three months assignments each.

If I can get a few of my ex colleagues into a partnership, we can even think about an office. Sunu will be happy that I will be out of the house during daytime. 

Then planting in two locations. One in Bangalore where overnight travel and stay for a week or more are required. The second one in my hometown Thidanad is 2 hours drive.

That’s activity and if I get some good friends along, opportunity for some group activity.

Then I should find time to write a book.

Plenty of holiday travel, and I hope one of them will have a tick in the bucket list.

What about some charity work. Probably this could be by way of financial contributions.

I don’t know how many are reading my blogs!! I wish I have many. 

Even the new friend is absent now. I hope it’s not the work of those who find me bad and try to save the friend who was introduced to me.

But, put your hand over the heart side and ask yourself…… I ‘n not harboring no harm. 

Don’t lose the best you can ever have……

Generally Speaking……

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