Addressing the Universe 

The Universe works overtime to get what you really want. 

That’s your predominant thought is processed for action and fulfillment.

The only problem is that the Universe can’t handle negativity. If you want someone to be defeated in an election, you should not be asking for his defeat. Defeat is negative and not being able to process negativity the universe will give him victory instead.

What’s the alternative then? How about asking for a victory to his opponent. Universe understands this and a victory for the opponent is a defeat for the other.

So, is enemy’s enemy a friend? Perhaps that’s the inference. So when you have enemies, look for their other enemies and befriend them.

Now, what can you derive from these when you see even a new contact is ignoring you and your analytical skills predict interference of the one who shut you out.

There’s possibly a way!!! That’s to address the Universe correctly. Don’t leave any room for doubt.

For example, if you want A to play with you, tell the universe ‘I want A to play with me’ and ‘A wants to play with me’. There’s no confusion and there’s clear affirmation.

Like you want F to be in your group. Then say ‘I want F in my group’ and F wants to be in my my group. 

But how do you know that A and F want to be with you. Perhaps you know it or you have intuition or there are signs- omens.

Important here is signs. For example when someone loves you, say P loves you and you love P, then P becomes possessive and will react if your attention is diverted. You can see this intuitively and you have the resultant actions which are signs.

That means you can overcome the temporary problems of not getting what you want by using the above tactics.

And for me the goddess has given the stone. And I know how to use it.

So I put the stone on my heart and say ‘I love.., .. loves me’. Say this hundreds, thousands, hundred thousand times and don’t have any doubt. The Universe will do the rest.

Addressing the Universe 

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