8.2 Seconds to Fall in Love……

The Telegraph reported the research finding that its just 8.2 seconds of eye contact that’s required for a man to fall in love. 

Unfortunately the same is not the case for the girl as by then her mind would be analysing many other things before the heart takes over. 

Here we are then talking about one sided love. Not exactly as when he finds the love, he is to do many things to attract her and win her heart.

Want to try? Well there’s one issue. You can’t plan it…that’s cheating. It has to come naturally. 

Well do you want my results… probably I will keep it a secret..but can assure you that it’s true.

There are so many other ways of doing that. When I went to Cyprus to Aphrodite’s rock, I found another sure way of falling in love. But it’s slightly more difficult. You have to have the girl with you and both need to swim around the rock and if you do that you’re surely falling in love.

I was not prepared for that and asked goddess for an alternative. She gave me instructions and I absorbed everything intensely. Now you can see what happened. While listening to her I just crossed the 8.2 threshold for eye contact. It just happened.

That’s how I fell in love with Aphrodite.

But like in the telegraph research, she was analysing other things. The wisdom gave her insights and the maturity not to be stupid.

So she chose to share the wisdom. Instructions include the stone from her rock in Cyprus. Then reference to books and contributions of great minds.

The disciple in me absorbed all. And the alchemist taught the life sciences, of dreams beyond and the danger of stopping midway.

One lesson I didn’t learn is on provoking anger. When you provoke, even the sweetest get angry.

There’s more. There’s jealousy and possessiveness even among the divine characters. And when you become good, desirable and valuable, even they wouldn’t like to share.

Okay, but why shutting you out!!!

That’s the game of the great mythical minds. But that’s not the end. There’s the saying that when God shuts one door, He keeps another open.

That’s it…… that’s the stone. I don’t need any other media.

Stone on heart and say thousands of times that I do and she does. 

Hey, don’t go around and frighten people with stare lasting more than 8.2 seconds. You can’t plot it.

And if it happens naturally like in my case.. tell me. 

And for the first time I disagree with my favorite singer Kenny Rogers who said:

‘Don’t fall in love with a dreamer 

‘Cause he’ll always take you in 

Just when you think you’ve really changed him 

He’ll leave you again 

Don’t fall in love with a dreamer 

‘Cause he’ll break you every time ‘.

This is not about me. I won’t…… Promise…..

8.2 Seconds to Fall in Love……

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