Clearly a Priority 

I have absorbed word of wisdom and changed the actualisation slogan from ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’ to ‘healthy, wealthy and happy’. Though I must admit that I am not sure if the item to be replaced with happy is wise or wealthy. Probably it’s wise as it’s a component for all the other three.

So happy is an important requirement. And I am told that it’s so important that it’s okay to be selfish to be happy.

I have been experiencing a special happiness during the past year and half or more. The best periods were private chats in the dream world. For a dreamer like me it has been easy to do and so rewarding.

A dreamer selects the best of the best to be in the dreams. But the dreamer can be stupid enough to cross certain boundaries which even the goddess in the dream world won’t forgive.

The severe punishment to this passionate indiscretion is shutting down the access. This could break anyone, but the dreamer keeps hopes alive simply because he’s a dreamer.

Instead of withdrawing like a dog with tail between the legs, the dreamer started invoking his hopeful dreams. The invoked themes include:

– Not a dog; but tiger. And crouching tiger is not contemplating withdrawal but about to pounce.

– Strike at hecklers who are analyzed to have provoked the possessiveness by wrong actions. Not to be nice always 

– Direct access to guru is not a must. Think Ekalavya. One can get coached even if the coach is not available for direct interaction.

– Love makes people to strive to be better. You want to be better, follow the love which is forever.

– Love is distinct from possession. So you can carry on because the dream just don’t end there. There’s further steps in love; responsibility, and even inheritance 

– A dreamer has advantage of being able to fall in love with a goddess. When divine, you can see another road open when one is shut. Remember Aphrodite gave you her stone and taught the rituals.

– Universe works overtime to give you what you want. Simplify universe’s task by affirming- for example the chant with stone on heart as ‘I love A , A loves me. That’s raise it and affirm solution.

There are milestones still, that’s after XMAS, New Year, One Month, February 14, Milestone in March etc. Be positive and optimistic. Dreams will win……

Clearly a Priority 

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