Demonitisation of the Cost of Living..

In a priceless get-together yesterday, I broached up the subject of author Peter Diamandis argument that cost of living is to plummet in 20 years time.

He calls it ‘demonitise cost of living’.

You can google and get hold of his blog and read the nearly convincing arguments.

There’s a concern that artificial intelligence and robotics are taking jobs and the specter of a practically destroyed economy and concerns on income and livelihood ahead of us.

Apparently some countries are experimenting the idea of ‘universal basic income’. Be surprised to know that India is among those countries.

Probably demonitisation of cost of living is a factor in these experiments.

Researchers classify the following as major categories of expenditures.

1. Transportation 

2. Food

3. Healthcare 

4. Housing 

5. Energy 

6. Education 

7. Entertainment 

Peter Diamandis asks us to consider what would happen if the cost of the above plummeted. He goes on to show how, in his blog.

Read it and probably we can say:-

Enjoy today……

Demonitisation of the Cost of Living..

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