Beginner’ Luck ……

We have seen this when we play cards. I am talking about the gambling part of it. Someone who’s new to playing wins and get addicted to perhaps to lose subsequently.

Alchemist author Paulo Coelho  was asked what he has to say to people who feel that they never experienced beginners luck. Those who feel that every time they try to move toward a dream, they’re blocked.

His answer ‘try again’. But the explanation was a bit beyond me. He said ‘That’s ‘because when you’re really close to what God meant you to be here, you’re going to experience beginners luck’.

Paulo tells us that we should watch for omens. And he says ‘omens are individual language in which God talks to you. My omens are not your omens.
Now listen KJ (that’s me Kurian Jacob) you were told that you are God’s dear son. At that time I was a bit confused. I thought it was just the encouragement that i always got from that valuable source.

Looking back, there’s a lot of meaning to it. Clearly that’s my omen.

Just that I have a destiny. I have to follow that. You might have lost the access temporarily or or even permanently. Don’t despair, everything is told and nothing is changed.
Just that there are some requirements and order has to be restored. What you got so far and cherished will remain. And you’ve made plans and promises which you’re to keep.

When you’re really close to what God meant you to be here, you will experience beginners luck ……

Beginner’ Luck ……

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