Toilet Technology 

Modern toilet has a fairly recent origin to modern day historians. But consider this from the Han Dynasty, dating back to the 256 BC.

The toilets were complete with running water supply, stone bowl and even armrests!! This looks modern. 

When I visited Ephesus in Turkey, at the remains of ancient wonder ‘Temple of Artemis’ I saw the group toilet, raised platform seats in all four sides of the square ground, with toilet seats (holes) of about 40, where the chieftains would have assembled for the morning calls. There is remains of drainage etc.

I could visualize them sitting and reading the like of a Kerala newspaper ‘Malayala Manorama’ and discussing stories of the wars between Romans and the Barbarians.

Also, think about the road rage and intolerance out of honking in traffic. Here all the horn sounds would have been empathetically tolerated. Or did they play the loudest game? Remember the loudest is most tolerable… (I am sorry if you are sipping coffee or something when you read this).

The technology has not changed much in these 2373 years!! That’s something to think about.

That’s about to change, thanks to a funding by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The funding is for bringing toilet technology into the 21st century.

Now look at the possibilities being worked out!! No infrastructure is required. No pipes, no running water, no tank or running sewage system down the block. The high tech outhouses powder and burn the faces and evaporate the urine.

Instead of wasting everything, the toilets give back packets of urea (for fertilizer), table salt, fresh water and power to charge cellphone. Connected to a grid, electricity can be sold to utility company like in the case of solar power. Think about it, you may be paid to poop…

Now the master stroke. All these at a cost to the consumer at 5 US cents a day, an amount estimated as affordable cost to the world.

Consider one of the research participant Lowell Wood. He’s not the typical plumber. He’s an astrophysicist with background in thermonuclear fusion, computer engineering, X-Ray lasers and in President Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile defense program.!!


(From book ‘Abundance- The Future is Better Than You Think’).

Toilet Technology 

2 thoughts on “Toilet Technology 

    1. I know, but apparently this is about to be a reality.
      And thank you for the comments. Just start writing, and you will be amazed at what you turn up to be. I was like that.
      Write and I will follow and give feedback


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