Law of Attraction And Karma……

I did try to interpret the law of attraction and now i know that i am no one to do that. 

While expanding on the proof that a man would fall in love when he has eye contact with the girl for more than 8.2 seconds as long as it happens naturally and not a planned one with intent to cheat, I tried to give a solution to the universe.

This part of men falling in love after 8.2 seconds is true and verified……

But I had the audacity to suggest that, while the 8.2 second backed attraction or love can be turned into a true one with training your predominant thought. This was suggested when someone commented that the 8.2 plus second love is one sided as research says that the girl by that time would be analysing the risks including pregnancy.

My suggestion like…. if you’re in love with A and if you’re not sure if A loves you, then you can get it by training your predominant thought to ‘I love A…….., and A……. loves me’

That didn’t work. It’s wrong to interfere in the way Universe works. You are not the one to give solutions to the universe. 

Just express your feelings, your thoughts in a positive way. Just say I love A…….. Let this be your predominant thought. And if you have a media and directives like my stone, use that. Or simply put your hands on your heart and say it ‘I LOVE A……..’

One of my ex bosses added karma to the universe. He said that the law of attraction is true and when you really want something the universe will work overtime to get it for you. Then if your karma is good, you are so sure to get it. 

In spite of all my drawbacks and the punishment that I got, I want the best for the loved ones. In fact I go the extra mile to help.

So if I want the best for someone I really like, and when I find something which is good for that person, I should do everything to get that for that person. 

So the initiative yesterday, and I hope for positive actions. That will be a plus for my karma and good for everybody.

Go for it. Have no apprehensions……

Law of Attraction And Karma……

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