Trust Deficit……

We have a problem. Our social media shared videos are showing frightening events of dangerously poisoned adulteration of things we use on a daily basis.

I have been seeing this mainly on food items, medicines and other daily use items. Clearly everything mentioned is not correct. But it’s enough to create doubt and anxiety.

There’s another type of trust deficit. That’s in relationships. In spite of the best efforts, there’s no complete trust. 

It’s okay when it comes to personal feelings. For example, you may fall in love but the other person is not interested. Then you can’t expect that other person to trust you.

But consider this. You want to be a good person and like I mentioned, enhance the karma score by going an extra mile to help another person. Even if you say that you don’t expect anything in return, you at least expect some gratitude.

What if the person is very very close to you and you are committed to assist in seeing the best of the best for the other person, you can at least expect some positive cooperation.

Trust deficit here can be seriously hurting.

Then what can you do about it all. The answer to the first part is trying and producing things yourselves. In my case virgin coconut oil and plans for own cultivation of fruits and vegetables etc are solutions.

But what about the personal mistrust, especially when you want to use your contacts to secure a better thing (better job for example) for your people. 

Clearly I can’t do anything without cooperation from the person who is being assisted. Here, there should not be a trust deficit. And we don’t have time to wait indefinitely. 

My network also will dwindle though I managed to place a friend in a plum job and another in the pipeline during the past month or so.

So still a Tiger. And use me. I just want the satisfaction that I facilitated it and nothing more.

Let’s abolish the respective egos. I mean mine also……

Trust Deficit……

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