Live Proving.

An important milestone in my project when we all landed up in office before 5 am in the office (still here) on Friday holiday to do the ‘live proving’.

All sensitive areas of the bank have representation with network and switch consultants supporting on site. 

External teams include local switch in Kuwait, new system provider located in Dubai and London (poor London guys are 3 hours behind in time zone).

Significant observation is that we have an all boys team, something very different from the projects in India, Philippines (mostly girls), Hong Kong and London.

My luck of dream projects seems to be declining as whatever could go wrong, went wrong. But the sheer resilience of the guys got things back though after taking the full extendable timeframe.

Important observation however is that I have been holding lovingly and softly rubbing the stone with the usual chant. 

At least that part is definitely confirmed and sweet thing to do always……

Live Proving.

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