Things are not just the same……

When your closest support moves on, you tend to get to notice a real void, which howsoever you try to fill in, you fail.

I am in that state now and it’s difficult. 

You can tell me to move on too. But here’s the problem. I have a host of new plans which I am determined to take to fruition. I still can do that, but what about the dependency. 

Wherever I look, I can see the dependency. Even a thing like Mango planting. With two daughters who’re settled overseas I have to look for the ones who will carry on with longer term programs as long term is not written on my leaf.

As such I can only hope that I will succeed in getting back with original plans and pacts. 

I wrote about ‘trust deficit’ and clearly that’s the issue. 

Otherwise there’s no change in any of my plans from my side. It’s all just the same.

The stone confirms it every now and often……

Things are not just the same……

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