The Day, Tomorrow……

Tomorrow February 14 will see the second largest greeting event in the world after Christmas. 

I chanced upon a television series by name Valentine which surprisingly was not a box office hit and later parts of the episodes were burned.

The Valentine family in the show is a group of gods and goddesses living among humans. Their task is to keep soulmates together.

They found their methods obsolete in the modern world and have to do something as otherwise they become mortal.

Now listen, who among them comes up with an idea to sharpen their match making skills. No prize for guessing… none other than the one and only my goddess Aphrodite.

She recruits romance novelist Kate Providence to do the trick. 

Aphrodite’s name in the episode is grace. Grace has an affair with Ray, but she has to put it on hold when her husband Ari returns. Ari came back for a different purpose but took an interest in Kate.

The show didn’t fare well and I would end the story at the point that Ari is interested in Kate which could make Grace (Appropriate) rethink on releasing the hold.

Perhaps I should leave the story to the creator of the episode Kevin Murphy to complete. I have my own plans for my book and can dream about it my way.

And tomorrow is the day……

The Day, Tomorrow……

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