Preparations to move on……

With another milestone passed without the much needed status change, its perhaps time to move on. Having said that, yet another major milestone is coming in March while the preparations are on. Let’s see.

Project 2 is abandoned with a block, which means I am to move out of Kuwait by June.

Natural choices then are Kochi and Bangalore. Kochi is where home is, major reason being that I love Uparika Malika.

There are two projects aimed at getting back to roots, i.e. Planting. The Ultra High Density Mango Planting (UHDP) in Bangalore and fruits etc planting in hometown Thidanad.

UHDP has additional objectives. A partnership with close friends are envisaged, the idea being to bring friends and good times together again. 

The Thidanad project is also important as it can turn out to be a major leisure destination.

Ideally I should look for banking job in either of these places to keep that part of the brain active.

Obviously I have to work on solutions to:

1. My coach 

I am already missing coach very badly 

2. Kuwait based friendship 

Get them into UHDP and host them when they come on holiday 

3. Broken routines 

The difficult part. Already under tremendous strain, but the good thing is that there’s no diminishing passion 

4. Dream world 

Resolved yesterday, by casting in stones. Great relief and solution with convergence. Dreams can cross boundaries and oceans and a happy ever after is in the offing. Ingradiant for the book and nobody is going to get affected and nothing’s going to change.


Preparations to move on……

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