Ain’t Love Grand? ……

‘Love, true love, means allowing others the space to come in and out of your lives as they please ‘

This is in today’s newspaper in conservative kuwait written by a lady!!

This has come quite in time (timely) for me as this statement has answers to many things. 

For one, it’s not confining love to any narrow boundaries.

This also implies that disruption is not essential in love. Lovers individually can have own spaces and different lives.

It’s not necessary that we behave in certain predetermined ways acceptable to the society so that nobody feels guilty. 

She talks about self love. When we practice self love, we can understand constraints and limitations of others.

The real villain is ego. When you impose restrictions in a haste, your ego will prevent you to lift the restrictions, even when your heart asks you to do that.

Ego will never be love. Ego can never be love.

People do misbehave. When we begin to love without expecting anything in return, when we stop judging others; they transform, we transform.

When we open up to love, it will come running to us forcibly. The universe will reward us with kind souls who are open and ready to love.

This is not done for reward. It’s something that arises within us naturally when we are ready. 

When reward takes a backseat and love begins, magic begins; we’re finally ready to love unconditionally. 

Love is too open for rules, labels and expectations. Way too open. And love can never be confined to a day, a time or place. Love is too grand. Tell me, ain’t love grand?

The above are extracts and ideas taken from article by the title in Kuwait Times today. Well written young lady.

And when you find someone who you trust completely and consult and share all secrets, you just can’t afford to lose that. You need that and you may never find another such trusted person in your lifetime. 

The space for individual choice, preferences, people, family and time is a promise. Also any boundaries and restrictions are acceptable. But need to discuss like project 2. 

End of ego is need of time ……

Ain’t Love Grand? ……

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