Plan B ……

We do a plan B for critical things so that the alternative to important and immediate steps are planned and well thought out so that we can switch over to it.

For things with multiple permutations and combinations, however, something more than a plan B is required.

And we face similar situations in real life irrespective of the fact whether we have even a plan A!

We face this even in relationships and feelings. For example, in my favorite subject ‘love’; love is never a planned one. It just happens.

Ego is the biggest spoiler in love. Remember ego is never love. 

Love is also allowing the loved one space to come in and out of your life.

And true love is not disruptive. It doesn’t look for change, even when two married people find common ground and realise there’s love. It just gives freedom to people, whenever a common ground is not in a fixed and closed box.

While moving in and out of the love space, there’s bound to be misunderstanding which causes an out and shut you up from communication situations.

Then ego delays or prevents resumption. That’s for a ‘back in’. When ego takes over, the restoration of communication stops.

The shunted out then crowls on all four and plead guilty. That should melt ego. 

But there’s a small thing left. That’s loss of face. 

Perhaps there’s a remedy. But I don’t know how!!! Stone? Law of attraction? Prayers? Promises? Don’t know! Try and see……

And then ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’……

Plan B ……

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