Dress Rehearsal……

I have the dress rehearsal 2 for my project today. The activity starts by 12 noon when the UK team will put the items for us into the network and we expect to finish by midnight.

The team will come in by 12 noon, but I am here in office as usual by 7 am, an old habit, and I like it.

Interestingly we were in Avenues yesterday as Sunu wanted to buy certain specific things. As usual (again) I wandered into my favorite places and found ‘sale’ in Giordano. Surprisingly the shop had two sales people and no customer.

Giordano, Bossini and Benneton are favorites when you live in Far East and with my Philippines and Hong Kong background, I am slightly different to a Middle East Shopper.

I was not disappointed, three trousers and a formal shirt, all slim fit were taken into the fitting room. Tried one by one, but sunu was in marks and Spencer’s and was not available for the critical evaluation.

Then I remembered, I have the stone on person and what better solution than to ask through the stone for the trusted evaluation. 

Approved all four. Thank you……

I had the Dress Rehearsal, and I am very happy with what I got. Sunu also approved profusely.

These bring into focus habits and trust. It’s not easy to find trust. I am lucky to find that. And I can’t lose that. If I do, I may not find another in my lifetime. 

Good thing is that I am not losing it. Trust is truly evident. Even in the face of rejection the trust makes me own all responsibilities and accept wrongdoing and ready for due punishment.

There’s no anger, no animosity, no blame game. When I have trust, I have the wisdom to accept mistakes, own them, promise change as required and await pardon.

Then whatever has become habits will be habits. These include stone on person, ritualistic chants.

By the way there’s one outcome. Understanding of ‘love’. 

A close friend asked ‘you must be busy with your love’? This was because I was not responding as frequently as I used to. Actual reason maybe I am busier at work and certainly not because of love. For I have realized that love doesn’t change anything. It’s a constant.

But sometimes we can have different outcomes. For example circumstances affect the happiness index. I can confess that my happiness index has nosedived.

And it has it’s toll on health. Health is in focus and i really hope to bounce back. 

Support is not available and it’s difficult to do it alone.

The acquired habits and the constant love will come to rescue.

Yes it will. That’s the trust and I have trust……

Dress Rehearsal……

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