I Must Say, I Can Still Go On……

That was about 17 hours in the office yesterday and back again this morning at 6.40 am with a stop for filling the gas on the way.

That makes me the longest lasting among the team. Proof that I can still go on.

Like in the good old times, and probably that’s a habit now.

Talking about habits, the last almost two years have been instrumental in changing and shaping the habits in a very good way.

I got a coach who took me from a normal just positive guy to a super charged active person. I was introduced to law of attraction, taught the importance of happiness and in simple terms got exposed to the secret.

My workout got finely tuned.

Then I have been a dreamer. The alter ego of Walter Mitty. 

Magic works when a dreamer is shown happiness and the Cupid struck.

But then you’re a sensible person and a sensible person act Sensibly. There are no go areas and no go situations. 

Habits got reshaped and happiness index climbed. Social media strengthened the interactions.

All things don’t last forever. In one stroke the dreamer loses access to coach and important connections.

Habits don’t go away in one stroke. And dreams keep hope alive.

But happiness index got down alarmingly and probably that caused health to go down with it.

Dreams never go down. So continued activities imagining that the coach would have advised in a particular manner.

Words of wisdom stopped. Access to personal advice in complete trust is made unavailable. 

Right now I want to get advice on my next plan. I want the trusted consultation desperately. 

So I visit the channel frequently and wait for response. I pose the questions and send it, but the address is not available. Nobody can read what I write.

But waiting for the miracle……

For you’re a dreamer……

I Must Say, I Can Still Go On……

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