For a change (rather), I am appreciative of the crowd action in Marina Beach, Chennai, to restore Jellikkatt.

I am so depressed at the sad thing that happened to Kerala actress and something like the Marina gathering is required to force a quantum change.

I am also depressed at the loss of a sibling for my close friend.

I am depressed to note that my health has taken a beating and I am trying to bounce back.

I am sad to lose my coach who has moved away. And I can’t share experiences and get tips on better performance and results.

I am also worried about changed habits of people close to me. Phone conversations are practically absent as people get into habit of not picking up calls. Everyone expects communication through whatsapp.

I am concerned when I get ignored when I try to facilitate better career opportunity.

One to one on whatsapp is good as we can be in touch constantly. We can even have confidential sessions and many times and many messages when people like each other.

But the trend now is groups. Somehow I don’t like groups as it’s something good for a few members and may not be so for others. People generally struggle to keep up with the group frenzy and the forwards crowd the scene. We can see repeat forwards as no one has the time to read.

Broadcast group ensures privacy, but response generated tend to reach single digits.

Then you have your favorite account not active at all.

You need access when you want to discuss confidential things and get advises. You don’t get such a source that you trust completely, easily. And you become very depressed when you lose access, especially when you desperately want to consult on something urgent.

The only thing left intact is the stone and what has been taught to do with that. 

It’s something like the pressure ball, praying beads, rosary or worry beads.

My stone is special, and taken from goddess Aphrodite herself and it’s on me for a year now. I have been through the rituals specified, with the result it’s placed on heart every time possible. Especially when I am having sleepless nights the stone listens.

When you do this, you transfer your power to it and the little stone becomes very powerful. I think it’s very powerful now.

Long time back I narrated how I made my first job batchmates believe that I have extra sensory perception (esp). Well that time I had a partner to do a trick. 

But this time I think, the stone and me together got that power. (Don’t believe a trickster, but……).

For example the stone alerts me when very important people are active on, say, whatsapp.  Irrespective of whether I have the connection. 

Probably the stone has assumed the power and together with it’s origin from Aphrodite is too precious. Yes way too precious to me. Especially in this depressed state of mind.

PS. Don’t believe a dreamer…… and for that matter a trickster……

Anyway try……


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