Went off Track. Foolish thing to do……

I am writing this in between the gym sessions. I had a vision and i realise my foolishness of looking at my stone differently.

Yes the stone has my power, my concentration and my attention. This has been transferred over a period of one year, wholeheartedly and with utmost care and attention.

But I am not to use it for some stupid woodo. We have a different purpose and different level which is pure and divine.

If I am down and depressed, it’s my own making. Result of my own sins and not the fault of anyone else.

So the stone is back for beautiful things as deserved by Aphrodite and I should not insult with what is taken from Aphrodite’s own rock.

No more tricks and no more creating any annoyance. Just stopped it.

If it’s working there need be no surprise. It’s in the plan.

And using it for annoying is foolish and I apologize.

Feeling much more relaxed and happy.

Yes I can see it clearly, the stone is now radiating happiness……

Went off Track. Foolish thing to do……

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