National and Liberation days are holiday times in Kuwait.

Last year it was Cyprus and Sunu has been prodding for a holiday travel this time too. One important criteria for her is that it has to be to a new country. The reason is that she is a collector of plaques from the countries she visits and display them prominently in the Uparika Malika living room.
Now that my project is coming to an end in a few months, and since there could be additional project related works, I somehow managed to persuade her not to travel.
And we are looking for a long drive and farm visit along with friend family. I have taken the initiative and requested Sunu to make calls and plan. Really really hope that it will work out……

Otherwise I just stopped the stupidity of misusing the power acquired on the stone. In fact even now the stone is telling me that the favorite person is active on whatsapp. I am not going to check as for 1. There’s a promise made yesterday. and 2. I now know the stone is powerful. 

Most important is that there’s a purpose for the stone ritual and I should not deviate.

That’s a relief and that’s lovely.

Now the thing missing is that I want to consult on my next move after the project.

Otherwise just see, I am keeping yesterday’s promise and I am resisting the temptation to see if the alert from stone is online.

I will get to consult the trusted somehow…

Content if not totally happy……


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