There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel……

The much awaited long drive and farm visit plan with friend family is in doubt due to illness out of frequent climate fluctuations. More important now is speedy and complete recovery of the child from the cold. In fact he would have been thrilled at seeing the farm animals.

Hope another trip is possible during our stay or even better that he recovers before Friday.

Praying for that……

Talking about praying, I have been quite casual with religion and church visits and I have been banking on my personal belief that when you’re a nice person, that’s what counts most.

But, of late, the events raise the question if I am a nice person at all.

The actions and the loses resulting from those actions creats doubts in that.  I have to make amends.

The passionate use of the stone (I am holding it even now on my left hand) has resulted in my sharing most of my concentrated power to it and the stone now is capable of giving me alerts. 

Armed with that, I have been checking if the signals are true and found they are.

But that was not a good thing to do. The stone must be unhappy and more so for the person who was checked. I apologize to the person and stone and in fact sincere apology to Aphrodite.

In spite of several inklings, particularly in the morning time yesterday, I didn’t even check even once. 

However I feel depressed still. My health continues to be a concern. This is in spite of following the workout schedule prescribed by my coach and showing the lowest weight in recent memory. I miss my coach.

Talking about the coach, one of the last advices that I received before the coach moved away was ‘give respect to take (get) respect’.

I have and will have utmost respect……

And there was light at the end of the tunnel. Depressed and feeling guilty, I didn’t get much sleep. And when I am awake I have the stone on heart and the recital.

Then I fell off to sleep and had the sweetest and happiest dream. This is real dream and it was so clear and beautiful……

Dreamer is blessed with the best of real dreams. 


There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel……

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