KJ is Walter Mitty……

There’s a quantum change in me…… and I can’t use the jargon ‘paradigm shift’ to it as I was Walter Mitty earlier.

Then I was adopted by my coach and the unproductive workouts which was my routine was changed to a very productive schedule, monitored by my coach. Then my coach moved away and I won’t be looking for another coach. Instead I will be like Ekalavya and follow the coach without the coach even knowing it. Of course the stone is there for any communication or verification.

Speaking about the stone, it was a chance realization that goddess Aphrodite was actually living among humans. Aphrodite is goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. The fortune of interacting with Aphrodite is priceless. Though I didn’t see it, Aphrodite knew as goddess, that she won’t be looking after someone for long, and out of compassion directed me to go to her rock in Cyprus and get a stone from her rock.

Today is first anniversary of that trip to Cyprus. The stone is the best thing I have and the goddess decided that she could move away.

No, that’s not correct exactly, she moved due to misbehavior from me. And a worshipper, repenting and apologizing can only get a reminder to the gift of the stone. 

That’s where KJ is Walter Mitty. The dreamer with the much enhanced power with Aphrodite’s stone.

When the dreamer was thinking that he was living a real life, whatsapp became the tool and interactions reached dizzy heights. Then there’s this abrupt end with coach moving away and Aphrodite leaving the dreamer with the stone.

The stone now is so powerful. It’s with KJ all the time. And placed on the heart when having private moments. The stone has a purpose and there are instructions. KJ is amazed to find that it has the power.

For a few days the dreamer invoked the stone’s power to visit whatsapp to see who’s online. The vibes were proved correct most of the time. But look at it; isn’t it misuse of the gift from goddess? So discontinued the process of annoying. Apologies.

Dreamer is then gifted with a real beautiful dream. It’s so worth it.

So the dreamer is back. Always hoping for such enchanting real dreams. The stone placed on heart and seeking godess’s help. Right now the only interruption to the constant chant is a desperate request for the usual advice for my next career plans.

Otherwise the dreamer Walter Mitty, now KJ is confirming adoption. Communicating through the stone.

Surprisingly the visits from KJ to whatsapp account is trickled down to once or twice a day. 

So now more a dreamer than a real life lover.

Walter Mitty to KJ ……

KJ is Walter Mitty……

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