I am cooking lunch……

Sunday is usually a holiday, but a regular working day in Middle East and Kuwait.

But it’s a holiday today, with the country celebrating Liberation Day after the National Day yesterday.

But I am up early, despite the late night as I forgot to cancel the working day alarm.

Morning medical readings are bad, though it showed a good reading yesterday. There’s something wrong inside and I should bounce back somehow.

Interestingly my weight continue to be the lowest in recent memory. A pound more is however proving to be a challenge, in spite of smart eating and portion control.

Working out is affected with a small pain on the hand becoming worse when I pushed for weights despite the pain. And forgot about combiflam which is available in the house.

A friend whose fb posts are like sadguru, posted. ‘Eat food like medicine or else you will eat medicine for food’. Scary!!!

But I am excited…… for special friends are coming for lunch. 

So the self proclaimed cook has to do justice, following a recipe to the script, to win hearts……

All the best to me……

I am cooking lunch……

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