Everything will be alright……

The Cooking Day went off well, I suppose. The main dish prepared was not for the VVIP, which I knew, but the other option was already there, made. That means I must do the cooking day again.

I made three items, actually four, but one had to be repeated, as an innovatio bombed and I had to make it again.

The morning yesterday got a real boost when a very nice friend expressed genuine concern about my health and enquired about it after reading my post. That was so so sweet and gave the much needed relief and in fact a real boost. Thank you so much…..

Lunch gathering was really lovely. Actually, now I can say what is written here as title. Everything is alright.

There are a few hiccups. While I receive valuable inputs on life sciences, I can give advice on securing financially. Discussing that in group however didn’t find ice as others seem disinterested or deprived. Must find a way as I have a responsibility to give the right advice. Options however are limited with restricted reach and access for a dialogue……

And I have also some important items to discuss and seek advice.

Interestingly the subject about both our daughters settling down overseas came up. The subject of ‘it’s time to consolidate’ came up. Good idea……

I have some thoughts…… must discuss.

That means work to do…… about next move, farming activities and partners ……

Also to get back to healthy days.. quickly.

Everything will be alright……

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