Positive Actions……

The Sunday lunch where I cooked the food has in fact revived some of the earlier enthusiasm. And I need to take positive actions.
This is because there’s clear evidence that an extension or a local alternative is very much desired. I was under the impression that nobody’s keen on my being around.

The other alternative is to be based in other desirable locations like Dubai or Bangalore. Dubai can be transit/ tour destination to very close ones. And Bangalore where the ultra high density Mango project is planned.
The concern around the happiness on our daughters assuming citizenship in U.K. and the US came up. They may not be available for carrying on in Bangalore. I need a daughter to take ownership and continue after we are gone. So it’s the daughter with capability to own and carry on. A big riddle is solved.

In fact consolidation was the advice and this is my solution. 

Again the lunch discussion touched on investment and building a portfolio. I am lucky to have my nephew assisting me. 

Then equity was mentioned as the best investment. It carries its risk but upside is huge. Discussion went wayward as one was not interested and another complained about lack of knowledge of the joint investments.

But I have some specific financial advice to the one who’s looking for it. Due to above reasons a group discussion is not the ideal. But right now I don’t have that required one on one access. In fact I have stopped checking if the channels are open as I am trying to get used to the new avatar of minimum social media.

But there’s a need. One of financial advice and other for discussions on my future plans.

These are what I call positive actions……

Should look for time, channel and opportunity for the financial advice and for receiving the wisdom on my plans as it was before.

And consolidation…… that’s for daughters.

Suggested by the daughter. So discuss with daughter.

Consolidation, daughter focus and discussion to take care of my later stages of life.

Must have an expert like a good lawyer to assist on:-

  • Redrafted will 
  • Clearly defined actions for legal steps after I am gone 
  • Specific steps for the farm land inheritance 

Hey there’s a noticeable difference here. Earlier and every time we touched on updating the will, we used to feel sad.

For the first time I am feeling happy. That’s i can take care of and make life happy and easy for loved ones.

That’s why this post.. just in case you’re wondering.

Positive Actions……

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