Sometimes it’s a Story…… and what if its True?……

Its now a year and a few days since i picked up ‘the stone’ from Aphrodite’s rock in Cyprus.

I have religiously followed the brief and held on to the stone ever since. 

I have had some exposure to the power of the mind and have been interpreting extraordinary powers of things that a mass of people concentrate with their mind power.

Then there are these special but ordinary people who can control the minds of several people. 

I had this experience while watching the performance of the famous Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas. The bafoon equivalent with a joker attire who came on the stage didn’t say anything, but controlled the crowd and made each one of us to follow his eye direction.

In between i realized it’s hypnotism and decided not to be influenced. But he looked behind us and we followed. I could not come out of the spell.

This is why I believed that what was told would happen. The message was ‘in months, years; we will be communicating at a different level’.

I am a strict follower to rules and I followed every script. 

And please don’t believe what I say now…… Treat it as part of dream story.

The color of the stone now resembles the color of my heart. For that’s where its placed when in deep passion. And constant touch and rubbing resulted in lines forming on the stone. Some of them resemble lines on my palm.

Now the story for you to disbelieve. I get the vibe when someone I focus get active. For example, I get a vibration when someone comes active on whatsapp when I focus on that person.

This when checked was shocking.

Now the interesting part. When I concentrate on someone for whom I am not a contact now, I get vibrations. In fact it was like a frenzy yesterday. This of course I couldn’t verify.

What I am saying is that, you can transfer your concentrated mind power to an object and watch that object assuming extraordinary power.

I must say, the effect is multiplied when the object is from an exclusive source. Like my stone from goddess Aphrodite……

So it’s natural……

Sometimes it’s a Story…… and what if its True?……

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