We (Catholics, if explanation needed) are in the lent period, leading up to Easter.

I have not done anything that’s customary on the first day which was yesterday the Ash Wednesday.

Looking back, I used to avoid meat, fish and egg during the 40 odd days in my younger years. Closer analysis could bring up some showing off in it. Having said that it was quite a feat for someone with my background where meat and fish were part of every meal.

But it was the quest to impress, like exercising to impress the neighbor.

If nothing else, it helped in developing self discipline.

I just read a quote which I don’t want to repeat as no one can be sure of what is appearing in social media.

But the idea is good, it says that no lent and abstinence is valued unless there’s focus on doing good for others.

Perhaps that’s what I should do. And perhaps I am good at it. And of course I have improved on it with absorption of wisdom during the past nearly two years. Among them the golden words like ‘don’t gossip’ and it’s okay to be selfish to be happy.

My daughter posted saying ‘away on lent and will be back on Easter’. That’s away from social media as sacrifice during lent.

I am now practically off social media, but for different reasons. It’s not for any sacrifice but for different reasons.

So let me focus on being productive to others. Urge to provide financial advice and plans to ensure safety and security to loved ones is perhaps selfish and not counted. But if it can be valuable to them it’s good. As such I should tell them of the plans and how inheritance is to be trouble free. The idea is to pleasantly surprise the loved ones.

The dilemma right now is what my immediate plans are to be with my project coming to an end. I have a feeling that I am wanted to be in kuwait. This involves a lot of re planning as I have allowed some positive leads pass thinking that leaving kuwait would be the desired thing to happen.

But still the clear signs are not visible or blocked……


2 thoughts on “Lent 

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    No lent and abstinence is valued unless there’s focus on doing good for others.I love and believe this statement.This is really true Mr.Kurian.

    Liked by 1 person

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