Health in Focus……

Attempts to bounce back from the recent setbacks in health indices are still on. Most of the available options like working out, portion control in diet, medicines, some supplements, healthy and selective eating etc are being followed.

However success is not satisfactory. One visible gain is that I am at my lowest weight in recent times. Another is reduced waist line. Other than that, there’s no progress to report.

But I am a fighter, self proclaimed.. and I must bounce back.

Today’s special will be avocado salad – a first time attempt.

Otherwise nothing special. Very rare appearance on whatsapp still. For some of you to remember, I was very active here. But now go there to see who all remembers me and also to verify if there’s a change in status to something which actually is the reason why I am sparingly available on whatsapp. And it’s not because of lent.

Why punish myself with obvious disappointment. 

For a count it’s 2 months and 14 days……

Health in Focus……

4 thoughts on “Health in Focus……

  1. Hey, what went wrong with your health? I thought you were very particular about keeping fit and living up to a 100+ years! I believe you still got it in you. Oh, is it the viraham that is affecting your health.? Isn’t it it time you got out of the quagmire?

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