Oh, my!!! Can that be the reason?

Health hijacked other fond subjects like passion, love, dreams in the posts here, over the past few weeks.

I have done what sensible people do when health is in jeopardy, except visit to a doctor. I am guilty of ‘no visit’ to doctor as I have little personal faith in doctors and hospitals, like that of people who are too religious etc.

But if this experiment also fails, I may pay a visit to the doc. After all the insurance company should not continue to laugh all the way to the bank, as they have not yet paid a penny towards health insurance for me through the bank over the past two years.

The experiment is quite weird. While doing everything to bring blood sugar reading to the previous levels, I have adopted strategies like portion control, avoidance of common enemy foods and focus on low glycemic index foods and regular workout.

I also looked for any new item in the menu during these troubled days. And I found one item. 

Don’t jump off your seats… it’s just oranges. I have been relishing these apparently harmless and tasty stuff which surprisingly comes off pretty cost effective compared to other imported oranges. So, something like three plus a day because of the cost advantage has become the routine.
Yes, of course, we have stories of fruits injected with stuff for sweetness and shelf life and could this be the cause of my problem???

I will now stop these oranges and see if there’s a difference.

Happy weekend……

I am in office though, with project getting into critical phase……

Oh, my!!! Can that be the reason?

2 thoughts on “Oh, my!!! Can that be the reason?

    1. Believe me, I am completely off processed sugar and reduced others. More salads with home prepared dressing. And spend good time in gym. The weight is lowest in some 25 years.
      Let’s see the results of the experiment!


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