Testing Day 1… Stunning Observation……

Yes, I didn’t touch the big, sweet and cheap orange; and you know what!!! The reading is 122 against the 150’s recently.

Conclusive proof… may require a few more readings.

If proven I will be greatly relieved. And there’s a positive side also. I now can practice portion control. Also to eat healthy.

What about the enhanced and modified fruit… well I really don’t know if it’s specific to me or for all.

Oh yes, there’s another positive side…… I have to start producing stuff for personal and family consumption. That’s fruits and vegetables. And I need friends to partner with me……

I will now revive the ‘Cooking Exotica and Fitness’ group activities. Thank you for those who gave a positive thumbs up for my avacado salad.

And finally I am going to give the financial investment advice to the existing client and will look for a channel to do that as the usual channel is still not available……
And those of you who are looking for investment advice, please shout out. But keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee….. no liability… bla bla bla.

And I need guidance on life sciences. Please don’t make me feel orphaned……

Testing Day 1… Stunning Observation……

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