Road Rage…

We are all victims, perpetrators or prey for road rages at some time or other.

I was a victim this morning when I was driving to office early in the morning as we had a scheduled testing process in the early hours as part of our project.

I moved into the fast lane as I had to take a turn to the road leading to the office. A huge SUV behind started tail gating which normally irritates me. The speed limit at the point was 80KMs and I even accelerated to near 100 which I normally won’t do.

I also had my signal light on indicating the requirement to stay on the fast lane for the turn. 

And when I turned, the vehicle overtook me came in front and suddenly applied his brake. My driving style as a normal defensive driver saved me from hitting him.

This is not about my skill to react to potential danger. This is about a paradigm shift in my handling a road rage.

The urge was to honk and challenge him to stop. But I am in a foreign country where there are different types of people with wrong egos. So over a period I have learned to suppress my anger and be sensible.

Then I thought of reporting the driver for dangerous driving. But that would be a lot of trouble and personal inconvenience.

It left a bad feeling. But the thought that I may have to be this defensive meek guy when I get back to india is not a good one.

It’s now equally or more dangerous back on home roads. We hear of quotation squads and antisocials roaming the roads.

Personal freedom is not guaranteed.

Road Rage…

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