Certain Things, You Want to Keep the Way it’s……

Google statistics revealed that the largest searched item on Women’s Day was to find when or if there’s a Man’s Day!

I just don’t want to know the details as to whether it’s all by women or deprived men also searched.

I want to believe that you beautiful ones care, and that means a lot.

However, sometimes I feel and do admit that there’s nothing like a Man’s Day. Both in the calendar and in real life.

We keep doing things to please you and accept the fact that feelings from this side doesn’t matter. It may be that you never forget a day, whether it’s the birthday, Anniversary or even the day we swam in the lake to get you the ambel poov (lotus flowers younger sister), just to see another poov on your cheeks.

However, we do all these with pleasure. We always contemplate in the morning when we get up as to what guilt trip we are going to be in for the day!

The talk about male chauvinism and privileges are figment of someone’s imagination. In simple words ‘just bullshit.

More men commit suicide in broken love affairs. Men keep waiting while the girl moves away as if nothing has happened.

I don’t know about you all or for that matter of my fellow men, but I do remember and cherish them all. I have been slave to the experiences and I can adapt to the guidance easily.

The morning reading on the weighing machine showed the historic low, lowest in many many years.

One rare instant where a ‘low’ is coveted.

Personal low is to be healed yet. But this low is good and is the outcome of inspiration out of interaction……

Low is good……something like the only place where positive is not good is in hospital records.

What if low in general still continued and exit routes blocked……

Certain Things, You Want to Keep the Way it’s……

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