Politics… Finally…

I don’t usually write about politics. And on that count, this is a deviation.

Some landmark elections have taken place in India, which has far reaching implications to the country which is to be the world leader in economic growth in the coming years.

The prime minister seems to be the man of the times. He has done well on many fronts and now is proving that his oratory and magic is winning elections.

For the economy, this is a very good thing. We can expect some landmark reforms.

Where I would like to see him from here is to take control over some fundamentalist and armed wings which seem to be dominating his party. Perhaps this is just a pipe dream as the prime minister has used the ideology of these fundamentalists to gain in the largest Indian state.

The state elections also suggests that people are looking for a viable opposition to strengthen democracy. Clearly they are not happy with the projected leader of the national opposition. A change here could be a major beneficial outcome of this election.

And one area where the prime minister is to focus now is to boldly take india from a soft power to a decisive leader in the world arena. Hugs with the 56 inch chest may not do the trick. Stong assertions required.

Personally not very happy with the election results, but the wishes of the majority should be respected.

And if this could strengthen the areas I mentioned, then it’s a win-win.

Politics… Finally…

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