Some Strange Obstacles……

When we look at obstacles in our day to day life and in our routines, we sometimes chance upon some strange things.

In my case, one thing that’s appearing prominently is’ego’.

I am finding it extremely difficult to get rid of my ego and obstinacy.

So as a test case, I decided to surrender my ego and obstinacy to see if there would be a pleasant outcome.

But in spite of total sacrifices on the ego side, which in a egoistic person is synonymous to begging, the result remains the same.
This was quite a surprise, as such a resistance or continued blocking was totally unexpected in the face of such, what it is ‘begging’.

Where the problem or obstacle could be, then?

The only thing I can think about now is that there’s an equal or stronger ego and obstinacy on the other side.

Probably that explains it. But see, continued entertainment of ego and obstinacy may not do good for anybody.

And I admit that it is not easy to get rid off these vices. My experiment of begging has failed. And the observation out of this unexpected outcome is a return of ego and obstinacy with added sourness in it.
Maturity and willingness are totally needed for a solution. 

And I hope that it will be there and we can overcome something which is being practiced and kept blocked.

After all, we all want to be matured and loving people.
Truce …… ?

Some Strange Obstacles……

2 thoughts on “Some Strange Obstacles……

  1. Why don’t you try indifference to the continued neglect and try to get on with your life for a change👍. You won’t look half as handsome without a nose, so stop rubbing it in mud as penance😀

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