Festival of Colors……

Happy Holi.

Holi, the festival of colors is one festival where you grow with the mood of the revellers.

If you find a gathering where people start with full gung-ho, it’s likely that the participants have come with a plan which in most cases ends up in excesses.

Ideally it is to be a build up. Initially people are shy and the resultant colors are also passive. But then you get into the to get involved in one of the most enjoyable festivities.

When I was working in Calcutta, there was a problem. Holi equivalent there was celebrated on the following day to the Holi and hence a day after the holiday.

That means you go to work on that day and there are revellers armed with balloons filled with dirty, rather filthy water.

Here’s is a personal exchange of colors. Some of you got it earlier. But this one is personal and covers those I could not send earlier.

Happy Holi……

Festival of Colors……

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