Somethings are Forever……

No matter how hard you try or you are forced into a corner, there are somethings that you can’t change or get rid off.

This includes habits, good and bad. Perhaps you can escape by saying ‘I am what I am’.

Then consider scenarios that we face in our life with regards to relationships. Here also it’s hard to change just like that.
In my entire career I had one motto… no matter how successful you’re in your career, it’s how you’re remembered that matters’. And I must say that I have a good record in here.

It’s not always the exemplary behavior or how God fearing that you’re that matters. Sometimes it’s your notoriety that is attractive. The underlying rule is that you don’t cause any harm to people who touch your lives.

That actually means that you should be seen empathetic and helpful. And let me be straight… you have to be loving and lovable.

There’s a Facebook group ‘You Always Like Some People More Than Others’. I noticed it when someone who falls into this category shared a post from it to confirm it……

That’s true…… you always like someone more than others.

Once you find that person, it is embedded in you and no matter what the forces try, it can’t be changed.

There are things corresponding or coinciding with this. One of that is First Love. When I was in my teens or sometimes after that, I could fall in love several times in just a one kilometer walk. That’s not true love. So don’t mix up such love with true love.

So we are talking about the ‘first true love’…… and it’s forever……

Somethings are Forever……

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