Building a Portfolio……

A family member recently told me that she’s planning to build a portfolio and said she has an investment advisor to assist.

This one is in my plans to take care of one of my projects after me, and to look after the related and adjacent property for other inheritors.

That apart, I have to see that her plans to build the portfolio has my attention and support.

Canada has set up a forum for bank employees to express their grievances as a measure to improve their, as well as customer’s welfare.

The shocking and probably apparent observation is that the forum is flooded with reporting that banks pressurize employees to deceive or cheat customers to bring in more money for the banks.

This greed is everywhere and I am also a victim of that. You can have an investment advisor who you think is working for you, but don’t underestimate the power of greed overpowering them.

As such it’s important that you take in someone who loves you to watch over you and be with you.

And in this case I have some experience and track record and I will be spending time for her to build a balanced portfolio.

While this is a commitment to my family member, I am willing to assist you with inputs if anyone of you choose to seek my advice.

Wealth creation is a noble objective and will help you and those in your lives. As such it’s part of the well known ones like health, wisdom and being happy.

I have started working on the plan for my loving family member and I am quite willing to share the plan details as to the recommend mix of asset class,with you, if you want it.

Like in all investment advices, it’s without any liability attached and it’s recommendations and presentation of scenarios only.

But it’s different in the case of the family member……

Building a Portfolio……

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